Philippe Rigaux

Fondé en 1988, le Cédric regroupe des recherches menées en informatique, mathématiques appliquées et électronique du Cnam. Les membres du Cédric sont enseignants-chercheurs en Informatique, en Mathématiques ou en Electronique, au Cnam à Paris.

Publications récentes

Saturation Control of Switched Nonlinear Systems
Mots clés : Switched nonlinear systems; Positive systems; Saturation control; Linear programming

Temporal Relations between Imprecise Time Intervals: Representation and Reasoning
Mots clés : Temporal Relations, Imprecise Time Intervals

Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment Impact on Players' Confidence
Mots clés : User Experience, Video Games, Difficulty, DDA, Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment, Confidence

User Centric Approach. Guidance for providers and standardization makers.
Mots clés : Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Parallel applications mapping onto network on chip based on heterogeneous MPSoCs using hybrid algorithms
Mots clés : Hybridation, Multi-objective optimization, Mapping, Network on chip (NoC), Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chips (MPSoCs)

NDN-over-ZigBee: A ZigBee Support for Named Data Networking
Mots clés :

Unsupervised Machine Learning & Prediction of Latent Structures Using an Enhanced Bi-LSTM Model for Writing Normalisation
Mots clés : Bi-RNN, Bi-LSTM, Attention, Point of View, Normalisation, Writing, Latent Themes, Latent Structures, Prediction.

Workflow scheduling with data transfer optimisation and enhancement of reliability in cloud data centres
Mots clés : cloud computing; workflow scheduling; data transfer; reliability; discrete particle swarm optimisation

Actualités et Evénements

The 6th International Workshop on Energy Management for Sustainable Internet-of-Things and Cloud Computing

Co-located with IEEE FiCloud conference, this workshop will address a range of problems related...
26-08-2019 au 28-08-2019 - Istanbul - Turkey

A Vademecum on Blockchain Technologies: When, Which and How

Speaker: Marianna Belotti, Caisse des Dépots et Consignations (CDC) et Cedric/Cnam Time:...
27-09-2018 - Salle 33.3.20, Cedric, Cnam, 2 rue Conté, Paris.