[GN10] Player's Model: Criteria for a Gameplay Profile Measure.

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : ICEC 2010, September 2010, pp.366-371, Seoul, Corée,

Mots clés: Video games, player model, player profile, gameplay, game design

Résumé: Game designers empirically use psychological and sociological player’s model to create the gameplay of their video games.These models are generally implicit and always informal. A formal analysis of the player’s model leads to define efficient player behavior profile. It can have numerous applications, for instance adaptation of the content to the player’s ability and interest. Our work tries to find a rational way to assess Players styles, concept suggested by Bartle [1] in 1996. The first step, state of the art of the player model, shows already some interesting criteria that can be used to classify player’s styles.

Equipe: mim , ilj


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